Here’s the first thing you should know about us: we are much more than just a payment processor. Paystri is an industry leader in payment processing because we work with you to develop smart, strategic solutions that propel your business forward.

Who We Are

We are an expert team focused on delivering the fresh, piping-hot technology you need to improve your payments infrastructure. Our team is based out of Salem, Massachusetts, and we’ve been making life easier for thousands of businesses like yours since 2005.

The Paystri Advantage

If you call, we pick up the phone. If you email, we respond. If you need to install a piece of equipment or launch a program, we guide you through it. Our clients have always been more than just numbers to us, which is why you always have access to our execs, and our execs always care about your success.

Why it Matters

No offense to our competitors, but if you’ve worked with them, you know accessibility, strategic thinking, and honesty don’t always come easy. Our high-touch approach to customer service means you have a true strategic partner working with you every step of the way, minimizing delays and solving problems quickly.

Contact Us

We offer strategic payment solutions that fit your needs and your budget, with a level of service that’s unique to Paystri. That’s why our customers talk about us like this:

“As an accountant serving business clients with many different financial needs, it’s important for me to have a group of professionals that I can refer to that I totally trust.

For merchant processing, my only phone call is to Paystri. Since I started referring clients, Paystri has provided education as well as outstanding, over the top 24/7 local service – something I’ve never experienced!

Whether it’s meeting tight deadlines for account approvals or the onsite account set up and installation – Paystri has done it all. In my opinion, Paystri is the best credit card processing company in New England – bar none!”

– Noel Nieves, NHN Accounting Resources

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